Customer Comments

Customer Comments

Customer Comments

We are proud to supply the commercial and wholesale market with our premium free range eggs. Most of our customers use between 180 and 1,800 eggs per week, although we can supply larger quantities if required.

Our customers are based all over the UK – from London to Darlington, Manchester to Birmingham.  We supply independent bakeries, gastro pubs, restaurants, cafes, coffee houses and bistros who all have one thing in common; they are passionate about using good quality, fresh, free range eggs that come direct from a farm that operates to high welfare standards.

We think our eggs are the best, but don’t just take our word for it. See what our customers have to say about The Good Egg Fellas.


“I’ve been buying my eggs from The Good Egg Fellas for almost 10 years. Having a trusted and reliable supplier of fresh, free range eggs is really important to me and my chefs. We know exactly where the eggs have come from, they are fairly priced for a high quality product and the service is first class.”

The Bay Horse Restaurant, Hurworth

“I honestly believe that The Good Egg Fellas eggs are better than any of the leading premium brands on the market. With The Good Egg Fellas you get everything – a consistently high quality product, next day delivery, first class customer service, and all at a good price. I’m so proud of using these eggs in my restaurants.”

Tupi Restaurants, London

Tupi 7

“My customers are interested in the provenance of the food we serve, so it’s very important to know exactly where my eggs have come from, and that the welfare conditions are good. We buy the poaching eggs as they are ultra-fresh, ‘same day’ eggs – laid during the day and delivered by overnight courier. This is one of the reasons we use The Good Egg Fellas. As far as we know, no-one else offers this service.”

Leverton & Halls, Birmingham

“We really do rate The Good Egg Fellas eggs. We poach around 100 eggs over a weekend and before we started using The Good Egg Fellas eggs we had lots of issues with quality and freshness, which resulted in lots of waste. We don’t have this problem now – the freshness and the quality is second to none.”

Bare Brew, London

Bare Brew 3
Balham Kitchen

“The Good Egg Fellas provide an excellent product and an excellent service at a fair price. As with all great businesses, there is a great business owner behind them. Phil Twizell cares passionately about the welfare of his hens, the quality of his product and in developing relationships with his customers. All reasons why I haven’t looked elsewhere since I started using their eggs four years ago.”

The Balham Kitchen, London

“The Good Egg Fellas eggs are simply the best. They come directly from the farm, where Phil Twizell and his team take great pride in the welfare of their hens, as they know that good welfare and good quality go hand in hand. My customers always ask where I get my eggs from and they love them so much they even ask if they can buy them from me to take home!”

Mint Hobo, Yarm

Mint Hobo 1

“We buy our eggs from The Good Egg Fellas because of their commitment to good hen welfare, the freshness and quality of the product, and the excellent customer service with easy ordering and reliable delivery on scheduled dates. Buying from The Good Egg Fellas keeps our chefs and our customers very happy!”

Lotus Restaurant, Carmarthen