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Household Ordering

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Unfortunately we cannot accept any new commercial customers at present.

Please place an order in the shop on backorder and we will send the eggs when it is your turn.

If you would rather pay by invoice this page is for you. List prices are as on the website.  We email invoices on dispatch of the eggs and issue a statement at the month end.  Payment is collected by Direct Debit the 10th of the month follwing delivery. Please download the DD form fill it in and sign it. The bank demands the original signed copy so please post it to the address on the form (P Twizell, West Newbiggin Farm, Sadberge, Darlington. DL2 1SU)  Your eggs will be dispatched on receipt of the signed Direct Debit form. If you require eggs in the mean time please use the domestic ordering and credit card system.

Services from The Good Egg Fellas

If your retailer, restaurant, hotel or cafe seeks to source fresh, high grade, free-range eggs that reflect the quality of the establishment itself, it’s easy to order those eggs from The Good Egg Fellas.

When we receive your order, your eggs will be delivered from our 20-acre West Newbiggin Farm, near Darlington in County Durham, straight to your kitchen. This enables us to preserve as much of the freshness of those eggs as possible, for the ultimate benefit of your customers.

You can be assured of the impeccable quality of our eggs

We believe strongly that “happy hens lay good eggs”. For this reason, we prioritise the welfare of our hens by keeping them safe, healthy and happy.

We allow them to roam in a natural, stimulating setting and feed our hens a cereal-based diet including such natural additives as marigold and paprika. This ensures the distinct, vibrant yellow yolks of our eggs, to the satisfaction of kitchen staff and customers alike.

How to place your order for fresh, restaurant-quality eggs

Whether you seek eggs for the commercial or wholesale market, and no matter where your kitchen is located in the UK, it’s easy to order premium-quality eggs for a time-sensitive delivery.

Using our online ordering system, you can pick free-range eggs in large or medium size or free-range Prodigious Poachers, our ultra-fresh eggs.

We guarantee to deliver Prodigious Poachers the day after they are laid, leaving these eggs with the maximum shelf life as well as excellent poaching qualities. These eggs are well-suited for businesses relying on a high quantity of eggs to be stored at an ambient temperature.

For orders from the mainland UK, we dispatch orders Monday to Thursday, with next day delivery available from Tuesday to Friday. For delivery to UK destinations outside the mainland, please contact us for a quote.