Why We Do It

Why We Do It

Why we do it

  • We are passionate about our hen’s welfare and that is what drives our business. We believe Free Range is the way forward.
  • We believe happy hens lay happy eggs.
  • We want our customers to enjoy their eggs without the welfare compromise associated with caged egg production.
  • By dealing direct with the public we cut out the middle man passing on the savings to you.


Background to caged egg production.

Hens were first put in cages in the 1920’s to increase egg production. It was revolutionary – the feed arrived at the front and eggs rolled out the back. It was also hugely successful in eliminating labour costs and many of the diseases that were holding back the hen’s potential to produce eggs and the start of what is termed “Factory Farming”.

Now approximately 75% of the world’s egg production is from caged hens as it is the most economic way to produce eggs. The cage farms are now becoming huge agribusinesses with consequences for hen welfare. Contrary to popular belief they have not been banned by the European Union – only the old fashioned “barren cages” are now illegal.

Despite many of the additional challenges that are placed on farmers by allowing the hens to range, when asked, most of the general public feel it is worth the effort and cost to give the birds their freedom to roam.  We are rising to that challenge and think it is worth turning the clock back a bit on modern production technology to improve the well being of the hen.

It has to be said though we do get a great deal of pleasure and job satisfaction from caring for our free range hens – and we think the eggs are definitely worth the extra 2p  it costs in production costs.